[Seaside] SUCondition problem

Florian Minjat florian.minjat at emn.fr
Mon May 21 18:02:06 UTC 2007

Hi again,

I just played a little with the SUCondition which is clearly the key 
to my problem (sorry I didn't saw it before). I have a problem though.
If I use an evaluator as the condition, the result is returned in 
javascript as a string. The immediate problem is that a string as 
condition in javascript always equals true.
The following code always shows an alert :
html scriptaculous script alert: 'test !'; condition: (html evaluator 
callback: [:s | false])

I tried to add an '== ''false''' in several ways inside the condition, 
but I can't manage to get something to work.

So I add a new SUStatement named SUEquals with this method :
printContentOn: aStream
	super printContentOn: aStream.
	aStream nextPut: $=; nextPut: $=; javascript: self statement

So now this script doesn't show an alert :
html scriptaculous script alert: 'test !'; condition: ((html evaluator 
callback: [:s | false]) equals: 'false')

Was this possible without the creation of the SUEquals class ?


Florian Minjat wrote:
> Cédrick ENIT wrote:
>> Florian Minjat a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>>   I am trying to do a form with validators and confirmation in ajax. 
>>> All the validation need to be done server-side. My problem is to do 
>>> something like this in a onClick statement :
>>>      isFormValid ifTrue: [html updater id: 'formDivId'; callback: [:r 
>>> | self renderValidFormOn: r]
>>>   But I need to evaluate isFormValid server-side with an Ajax request 
>>> because it will only be set as true when the form is validate by 
>>> ajax. So currently this updater never shows up.
>>>   I think I could use the SUEvaluator, but couldn't find any example. 
>>> So I don't really know how to use it.
>>>   Does somebody know how to do that using as much seaside as 
>>> possible? And can somebody give me an example of SUEvaluator?
>> you have an example in the scriptaculous demo... CSS highlight in the 
>> ajax tab...
>> SUEvaluator is like an updater except it injects a javascript chunk in 
>> the pasge if I remember well...
>> your problem is because isFormValid is always set to false ?
>> maybe after each form input, you need to make a SURequest so as to 
>> change this...
>> hth
>> cédrick
> My problem is that isFormValid must be processed server-side. I could 
> add an hidden input for each validator and check it at the end but this 
> is pretty heavy, not very secure, and I still need to add a test in 
> javascript before the updater. I would rather prefer to use an Ajax 
> request to get the value to test.
> I looked at the example in the demo. SUEvaluator could be the trick to 
> change the value of an hidden input.
> But isn't there a simple way to do something like this :
> onClick: ('if (', html ajaxRequest callback: [^ self isFormValid] ,')', 
> html updater... )
> Florian

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