[Seaside] root component list - how to control?

Giles Bowkett gilesb at gmail.com
Thu May 24 02:56:00 UTC 2007

Hi all, this is kind of a noob question, sorry. I'm using Damian
Cassou's Web dev image and for some reason creating a new WAComponent
subclass doesn't seem to result in that subclass becoming available in
the new app config's "Root Component" dropdown in Seaside. In the
images I was using earlier, just creating a subclass (in its own
top-level category) would result in the subclass becoming available as
a root component, and yet I didn't end up with an overwhelming number
of root components in the dropdown. What am I missing? Sorry for the
basic-ness of the question.

Giles Bowkett

Blog: http://gilesbowkett.blogspot.com
Portfolio: http://www.gilesgoatboy.org

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