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goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Mon May 28 07:19:23 UTC 2007

Hi Keith!

I suspect this was meant to go to the setools list. Anyway:

Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Having started to look at distributing the fruits of my labours,  I 
> discovered that  Mercurial doesnt just clone my latest when I push a 
> ChangeSet, but it pushes all of my work including all revisions as well. 
> This may be ok when working with a few small text files, but I dont 
> think it scales to squeak images.
> I think that a slightly more clever scheme is needed to manage squeak 
> projects in mercurial.

The idea was never to actually "manage" the image - I was not expecting
lots and lots of changesets involving those files - only when we had a
new improved and built image to share.

So in other words - don't commit the image locally until you are
satisfied with it and intend to share it as the next revision of the
prebuilt dev image.

> My suggestion would be to have the repository to handle all of the text 
> files and scripts. Then have the images (generated from the textfile 
> scripts anyway) published as a patches, which can be separately managed. 

I agree that large binaries are a problem generally but I think in this
case we just need to follow my advice above :).

> I need to investigate more.
> Goran,
> I have Completed a build on demo.gjallar.se and it is residing in the 
> /home/gjallar/keith/newgjallar directory. I havent pushed it yet, 
> because I am conscious of how much larger it will make the clone for 
> everyone.

Ah. Right, didn't think of that. Ok, then yes, perhaps we should
distribute the image pair on the side somehow.

Btw, the intention was never to actually manage the image - only the
rest of the filetree.

regards, Göran

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