[Seaside] svg/Javascript with Seaside

Anja Guzzi guzzia at lu.unisi.ch
Mon May 28 20:33:29 UTC 2007


Hoping to be clear enough, I will try to expose my problem.

I'm building a Seaside application, using svg components (SVG  
elements implemented using the WATagBrush class).

I would like to be able to "drag" around my elements. I know this is  
possible using some javascript code.
So, I have my svg elements and the javascript code (linked to my  
application using the updateRoot method)... but i dont know how to  
make it work.

I see that in the Seaside.WATagBrush class there are some methods  
like "onMouseOver", "onMouseDown",.. could these be any useful to me?

Any help is appreciated :-)

Anja Guzzi
anja.guzzi at lu.unisi.ch

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