[Seaside] JOB: GemStone/S QA Engineer

James Foster Smalltalk at jgfoster.net
Thu May 31 00:19:55 UTC 2007


This engineer will be part of the GemStone/S engineering team in Beaverton,
Oregon, and will focus on product testing. Since most of the tests are
automated, the work primarily involves writing and debugging Smalltalk


GemStone/S was introduced at the first OOPSLA in 1986. Since then it has
earned a reputation in the Smalltalk programming community as being the
premier object database and application server. GemStone/S allows thousands
of Smalltalk virtual machines on hundreds of hosts (with various operating
systems) to share a single image (or database) with billions of objects
taking up terabytes of space. The database provides full ACID capabilities
(atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability), has extensive indexing
and large collection support, and includes a number of sophisticated
garbage collection algorithms. The Smalltalk virtual machine has a JIT
compiler on several platforms and supports a shared object cache
effectively limited only by the amount of memory available in the machine.

GemStone/S has an add-on product, Gem Builder for Smalltalk (GBS), which 
supports transparent object replication for VA Smalltalk and VisualWorks.
Other add-on products provide an interface to Java and Oracle. GemStone
recently announced support for Seaside (a Smalltalk web application
framework) and availability of a 4 GB edition that is free--even for
commercial use.

The GemStone/S team consists of about 10-12 people. This group has a very
low turnover and includes a number of senior-level engineers who have
decades of experience in areas such as VM architecture, database internals,
application development, and consulting. Team members regularly present at
industry conferences such as Smalltalk Solutions and OOPSLA.


*       Design and develop complex functional, performance, 
        and scalability tests and test frameworks.
*       Run tests, analyze results, and work with other 
        engineers to identify and resolve issues.
*       Be self-directed, assertive, and able to concurrently 
        work on multiple tasks.
*       Have a commitment to software quality and performance.
*       Adhere to company coding guidelines.


*       BS Computer Science or equivalent, including understanding of:
        o       Database record/object locking, transactions, backup & restore;
        o       Multi-user concurrency;
        o       Multi-threaded applications;
        o       Network communications; and
        o       Software engineering principles and methodologies.
*       Moderate experience (e.g., 3+ years) in: 
        o       Developing large client/server database applications;
        o       Testing, including performance and scalability testing;
        o       Developing test frameworks and tools; and
        o       Smalltalk and object-oriented programming.
*       Experience (e.g., 1+ years) in:
        o       Unix/Linux shell programming; 
        o       Source code management tools; 
        o       C/C++ programming; and
        o       Perl programming.


Send email to resume at gemstone.com and include 'Smalltalk QA' in the subject.

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