[Seaside] YUI

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Nov 1 02:28:30 UTC 2007

> > So why you want to repeat a formula with systematic disrespect to 
> > heuristic principles if you can give a better experience 
> not needing to "desktopize"
> > the web widgets?
> >
> >   
> Maybe that was a rhetorical question?  Anyway, the heuristic 
> depends on the application and its audience.  My feeling is 
> that the ExtJS component set scores well for the application 
> I'm working on now.  My gold-owner/goal-donor is willing to 
> bank on it so right now that's the way we're going.  I agree 
> 100% with many of the sentiments expressed in this thread w/ 
> regards to needing a rich Seaside/Smalltalk-based component 
> set.  I also think that there are few among us who know 
> enough about "the browser as a client platform" to produce 
> it.  In any case my deadline looms and my requirements are 
> currently met by parts of ExtJS.
> David

In fact the heuristic scoring will depend just on the product not to
disrespect it's principles (wich anybody can easily google to know about).
For instance desktops like Windows (seems the ExtJS goal)  fails miserably
and systematically (just hear users complains). We can do better. But if we
copy what we know that is wrong we had compromised our chance to do better.
Anyway that it's about user experience.

About your choice I guarantee you my best wishes in your challenge. For sure
I'll have interest in hear about your results and/or experience making that,
not to mention code of a new resource for this community from you.

	All the best,


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