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Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 16:15:45 UTC 2007

2007/11/3, Ernst <ernst at hisplace.net>:
> Hi,
>  Where do I ask beginner's questions like this?

Here :)

>  Tank you,
>  Ernst
> I can adjust the width of the text area with CSS.
> But how can I adjust the number of rows?
> renderCommentOn: html
>         html textAreaOn: #comment of: model.
>         ^self

This looks like the old rendering API. This is fine for existing
software but for new ones we recommend the new API which is the
default with Seaside 2.7 and newer.

With the new API you would do:

renderCommentOn: html
        html textArea
                rows: anInteger;
                on: #comment of: model

This doesn't use CSS but CSS has no real attribute for setting the
number of rows. Setting the height absolute in pixels is very brittle
and not guaranteed to match the exact number.


> style
>         " The relevant page source is (I have to represent double quote with a
>           star!):
>       <div id=*dialog-row-comment* class=*dialog-row*>
>           <span class=*dialog-form-label*>
>                 Comment
>           </span>
>           <span class=*dialog-form-field*>
>                 <textarea cols=*25* name=*30* rows=*3* id=*comment*>
>                         Some Comment
>                 </textarea>
>           </span>
>       </div>"
>         ^'#comment {
>                 width: 700px;
>         }' , super style
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