[Seaside] gemstone / appliance / ISP options

James Foster Smalltalk at JGFoster.net
Sun Nov 4 08:34:40 UTC 2007

itsme213 wrote:
> I've been asking some ISPs what hosting options they have to run a VMWare 
> appliance (afaik that is the only way gemstone/s web edition will be 
> available). So far the ones I have asked have all said either (a) look 
> elsewhere, or (b) dedicated hosting only.
> Is it true that this will not even be runnable (on typical ISPs) on VPS 
> hosting programs? Any ideas on ISPs to consider?
The VMware appliance is a way to get a pre-configured GLASS (GemStone, 
Linux, Apache, Seaside, Smalltalk). While we expect that it will be an 
attractive way for most people to try out GLASS, you will have the 
option of doing all the setup and configuration yourself--if that is 
what you want/need. In that case, the thing to ask for when looking for 
hosting plans is simply "64-bit Linux." For example, I just did a Google 
search for "64-bit Linux hosting" that led me to 
http://www.calpop.com/dedicated.html which offers root access to a Core 
2 Duo with Ubuntu 64-bit Linux for $135/month.

James Foster

P.S. Do you have a name you are willing to share?

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