[Seaside] gemstone / appliance / ISP options

Monty Williams monty.williams at gemstone.com
Sun Nov 4 13:47:30 UTC 2007

Are you asking about hosting a commercial or non-commercial site, or just a
way to try things out? There should be GemStone solution for all of these by
early next year.

As James indicated, Vmware is not required.

-- Monty

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> Subject: [Seaside] gemstone / appliance / ISP options
> I've been asking some ISPs what hosting options they have to 
> run a VMWare 
> appliance (afaik that is the only way gemstone/s web edition will be 
> available). So far the ones I have asked have all said either 
> (a) look 
> elsewhere, or (b) dedicated hosting only.
> Is it true that this will not even be runnable (on typical 
> ISPs) on VPS 
> hosting programs? Any ideas on ISPs to consider?
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