[Seaside] ProxyPass and the P Option

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 5 18:04:28 UTC 2007

> Apache is wickedly complicated. I think very few people actually fully
> understand how it works. That's why there are a myriad of ad hoc
> configurations floating throughout the Internet with users employing trial
> and error (ie, guesswork) to adapt these configurations for their own use.
> Consequently, these configurations are very fragile. It's a right bloody
> mess.

I'm certainly one of those people. One thing that is worth restating is what
Lukas said about configuring the actual application in Seaside. You need to
add mysite.com to the Server Hostname field in the Configuration page in
Seaside. Also, Ramon Leon's kung fu is very great, so if he has a solution
that does not use ProxyPass, then it is a model worth taking seriously.


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