[Seaside] ProxyPass and the P Option

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Nov 6 15:32:41 UTC 2007

You could add route identifying cookie to each app, say its hostname plus port number although I recall seeing solutions to use mod balancer without modding existing apps with mod_headers, google some.


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I guess I can do something like this:

RewriteEngine       on
ProxyRequests       off
ProxyPreserveHost   on
SSLEngine           on
SSLCertificateFile  /etc/apache2/ssl/apache.pem
DocumentRoot        /var/www/ssl
ProxyPass           /seaside/go  balancer://seaside_cluster
stickysession=MYCOOKIE  nofailover=on
ProxyPassReverse    /seaside/go  balancer://seaside_cluster
<Proxy balancer://seaside_cluster>
    BalancerMember  http://localhost:9090/seaside/go  route=A_
    BalancerMember  http://localhost:9091/seaside/go  route=B_
    BalancerMember  http://localhost:9092/seaside/go  route=C_
RewriteRule  ^/$  balancer://seaside_cluster [P,L]

Apparently, the format of the cookie name is something like
'somename.someroute'. I think in the above example, somename would be
MYCOOKIE and someroute would be A_ or B_ or C_. Am I understanding

But do I need to setup cookies in Seaside? If so, do I need to setup the
cookie name format, as well? If so, how?


How do you ensure session affinity?

It looks like you are using a round-robin strategy. I guess this is
what Apache does by default. You have to ensure that only the first
request goes to a random image, subsequent requests should go to the
same image.


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