[Seaside] ProxyPass and the P Option

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Nov 6 18:35:52 UTC 2007

> But isn't imageName1 the same as imageName2 ? In other words, 
> imageName is a constant, in my case, "GoodSexNetwork", since 
> 'SmalltalkImage current imageName' returns 
> '/home/richard/seaside/GoodSexNetwork.image'.
> I think the cookie needs to be made unique with, say, the 
> port number. How do you obtain the port number in Seaside?
> Thanks,
> Richard

Depends on how you start multiple images, multiple copies of the same image
with a switch to ignore the lock on the changes file or just launch multiple
images which are all copies of a master each with their own changes file. I
was lazy and chose the latter because it was easier to just create a few
copies and launch them all manually in windows when testing this.  You could
use anything unique, the port I guess would do it as well.  If you're only
running one server, this will get what you want..

((HttpService allInstances 
	select: [:each | each isRunning]) 
		collect:[:each | each portNumber]) first

Ramon Leon

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