[Seaside] Scriptaculous vs SeasideAsync

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Thu Nov 8 14:53:50 UTC 2007

Esteban A. Maringolo wrote:
> Hi,
> Which are the pros and cons of each one?
> What is the mainstream of both?
> I found a mail between Michael Bany and Lukas Renggli mentioning some
> references,
> which seems to favor the usage of Scriptaculous, but a recent
> VisualWorks screencast
> showing how to load SeasideAsync in VW made me think about it.
If you just want to do async callbacks from the web browser in to 
Smalltalk, then SeasideAsync is a good pick. Scriptaculous is a big 
framework filled with all manner of ajaxian like features, animations 
and general javascript libraries.

It depends on what you want to achieve. You  might find it interesting 
to compare the Scriptaculous code browser with the Async code browser 
with the regular code browser.


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