[Seaside] Long submit problems with IE

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Tue Nov 13 05:01:42 UTC 2007

I decided to try and reproduce this problem using the built in test
examples that come with Seaside so that it would not depend on any code
in my application.  I tested both the latest versions of Seaside 2.6 and
2.8 for WebToolkit using both IE6 and IE7 with the same results.

I started from scratch and loaded the latest Seaside 2.6
(Seaside2.6b1-mb.140.mcz) into a VW 7.4.1 image.  I went to the
allcanvastests and took the Input tab.  Then I pasted some long text
into the textarea labeled 'Text area with example'.  I figure to make
sure we all use the same text I would use the contents of

When I click on Submit Query it would come up with the "Internet
Explorer cannot display the webpage" error message.  Sometimes I needed
to submit 2 or 3 times, but as soon as it started to happen it would
happen every time.

Then I decided to try this with the latest version of Squeak 2.8 in a
clean image.  I went to tests, then alltests and clicked on the Input
tab.  Then I pasted the text into the textarea labeled 'Text area' and
clicked on the Submit Query button.  I get the very same error as I do
with Seaside v2.6.

I tested this also with Firefox, and it works fine in that browser.

-Carl Gundel

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> Carl Gundel a écrit :
> > This is a problem that has been posted about a few times, but until
> > yesterday I wasn't able to put my finger on the cause.  I'm not
> > absolutely sure why this is, but it seems that IE has some pretty
> > draconian hard coded limits in place about how long a form submit
> > be.  When writing programs in Run BASIC on IE once a program gets to
> > be a few thousand bytes long the submit fails when trying to do
> > anything on the page (running, saving, etc.). The result is the
> > dreaded "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error
> > Has anyone else here had to deal with this?  Is there a way to work
> > around the problem?
> >
> > I'm using VW7.4.1 and Seaside 2.6 and Web Toolkit.  Do newer
> > of Seaside handle this differently?
> >
> Hi Carl,
> I think your problem could very well be caused by the bug in IE where
> requires a blank after the colon in some HTTP headers, although this
> blank is speficied as optional by RFC2822. This bug is taken into
> consideration by VW 7.5 but not by 7.4.1.
> If this is your problem, then you will be able to fix it by patching
> VisualWave.Response>>writeCookies: and
> VisualWave.MessageHeaders>>sendOver: making sure a blank is inserted
> after the colon in 'Set-Cookie: ' and in ': '. You may also want to
> a more recent version of Seaside 2.6 from the public Store. Seaside
> includes these fixes since 2.6b1.118.1.
> HTH,
> Michel.
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