[Seaside] Same data rendering in different order

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Tue Nov 13 16:52:55 UTC 2007


i work wtih VW 7.4 and seaside with CSS.

i research indication or example for rendering the same data but with different layout,  in based at one value passed when call the rendering of the page.

For understand with vertical draw indication

    Label A               Label B                 Label C
    Field A                Field B                  Field C

or Orrizontal draw indication

    Label A        Field A

    Label B        Field B

    Label C        Field C


A)     My algoritmic for rendering the data is recursive. 
       First it render the first data at level 1:    Label and Field A.
        Afetr it call itself for render the subLevel 2:      Label and Field B and so on.

B)     I use the liveCallback: for Field A, B, C and all work fine.
        My question is : I can use the same solution for:

            1) first render the div with the relative id, positioned in based at the value of call
            2) and after render inside the div with the pointer id reference ?
            This for complete separation from model and view

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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