[Seaside] Safari on Leopard Apache post problem

Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
Wed Nov 14 00:20:21 UTC 2007

I have a problem with the new Safari on Leopard (Mac OS 10.5)  
accessing a Seaside application running behind Apache and hope someone  
can shed some light on it.

I am using Seaside 2.8 on VW 7.5. When I run Seaside as a standalone  
web server in VW (the tiny Web server in VW) Safari in Leopard has no  
problems accessing the Seaside application. When I run the Seaside  
application behind Apache there is no problem with Firefox, Opera and  
older versions of Safari accessing the application.

When I use Safari 3.0.4, which comes on Leopard, there are problems  
with posts from a seaside page. The problem occurs not only on my code  
but in Functional Seaside Test Suite examples. When I click on a  
button to submit a form the bowser says it is contacting the server  
and seems to wait for ever without timing out. On the server side I  
first get the POST request. According to the log file 15 seconds later  
I get a GET request. The server and client are running on the same  
machine (Dual Core), so there is no network delay. A few seconds later  
a second GET request comes from Safari. If I stop the request from  
Safari and then have it reload the page I do get the reply to the post.

Since Safari 3.0.4 does work when talking directly to the VW web  
server there is some problem with Safari 3.0.4 and Apache. Does anyone  
have any idea how to configure Apache to avoid this? Unfortunately  
some of my users can only access port 80, so I have to run behind  

Roger Whitney              Department of Computer Science
whitney at cs.sdsu.edu        San Diego State University
http://www.eli.sdsu.edu/   San Diego, CA 92182-7720

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