[Seaside] Open new print windows' browser

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Wed Nov 14 14:19:22 UTC 2007

Hello All,

i work with VW 7.4  ans seaside 2.6.

I research solution to create sub window's browser for manage the print of the data in the main windows' browser.

I can create a anchor in the  main window  " html anchor url: 'printWindow1' ; newTarget: with: 'print data of Window' ";

but i need to open new printWindow1 with specific parameter from main window.

Therefore i'm interested to open new window' browser from direct smalltalk code.

I think to do it in smalltalk : 
                    1) create new instance of SubWindow1 ( an WAComponent subclass ) based on specific parameter
                    2) open new window' browser based on new instance

How i can do it?

It's my think a right solution?

P.S.  When i have open the first printWindow1,  i,m interesting to manage it's contents step by step in based at the parameter of the main window. Not create more printWindow1 for any change of parameter in main window.

I'm clear ?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!



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