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Tomáš Svárovský svarovsky.tomas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 14:32:16 UTC 2007

Hi Sebastian, thanks for an answer

Using goods was definitely my choice as I am just playing with seaside
and not using it for anything meaningful right now. As I have said I
am quite new so I welcomed the fact that there was something like a
step by step tutorial for setting up a database (I ve already tried
magma but didnt manage to get it up and running. I will probably have
to try it again).

Can you be more specific about why not using GOODS? For my purposes I
dont care if I use object oriented or relational DB. I just would like
to learn at least one reliable way to store my data in seaside app
(and store it right inside an image in an OrderedCollection or
something like that just doesnt seem right, but correct me if I am
wrong), so if you could propose a solution that seems to be stable and
reliable and potentially usable in production, that would be very
helpful as well.

thanks again

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> Hi Thomas,
>         do you *have* to use GOODS for persistance or you have choosed to do
> it? If it's your choice I can tell you that I'll be very motivated not to
> use GOODS at all. Also you can give a chance to Magma instead.
>         cheers,
> Sebastian Sastre
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> > I am quite new to this whole thing (smalltalk seaside and
> > squeak) so please, remember you have to play a little slower with me.
> >
> > I was following tutorials from Hasso-Plattner-Institut on
> > data persistence. I ve compiled goods version 3.06, I ve
> > installed smalltalk GOODS client using Squeak map (version
> > 80) and started playing with it.
> >
> > Everything is fine until I try to commit any change into database.
> > KKComitFailure is thrown and GOODS server is saying 'CRC
> > check failed for transaction from client squeakC18'. I ve
> > done some googling, but found only this
> > http://www.nabble.com/GOODS-CRC-check-failed-for-transaction-t
> 3549186.html
> > , which is unfortunately not very helpful, though seems like
> > exactly my case. I ve tried to search for some newer version
> > of GOODS client, but seems that version 80 is the last one
> > released. Can anyone be more specific on solving this problem
> > than already mentioned link?
> >
> > Thanks a lot in advance TS
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