[Seaside] Seaside For Swazoo

Andres Fortier andres at lifia.info.unlp.edu.ar
Tue Nov 20 17:10:35 UTC 2007

Hi list,
         I've just downloaded the last version of seaside for swazoo (VW 
7.4.1 image). When I try to test it I get an error page:

Internal server malfunction
Message not understood: #method
You should contact the system administrator

Browsing a bit it seems that the problem is in:

convertRequest: aSwazooRequest

	"See WAKom >> convertRequest:"
	| waRequest |
	waRequest := self waRequestClass
			method: aSwazooRequest method
			url: aSwazooRequest uriString
			headers: (self unwrapHeaders: aSwazooRequest)
			fields: (self unwrapFields: aSwazooRequest)
			cookies: (self unwrapCookies: aSwazooRequest).
	aSwazooRequest isPut ifTrue:
		[self error: 'Unsupported HTTP method PUT'.
		waRequest fields at: 'PUTData' put: String new].
	^ waRequest.

since aSwazooRequest doesn't understand #method. I've tested with a 
quick hack replacing it for 'GET', and then I get a new #dnu in 
unwrapHeaders: aSwazooRequest when it sends the keysAndValuesDo: to the 

unwrapHeaders: aSwazooRequest

	"Seaside needs lower case for AUTHORIZATION
	(would be good if Seaside was not case sensitive
	Swazoo supplies all upper case, WebToolkit supplies all lower case
	We adopt the WebToolkit approach"	
	| waHeaders |
	waHeaders := Dictionary new.
	aSwazooRequest headers keysAndValuesDo:
		[:k :field |
		waHeaders at: k asLowercase put: field value].
	^ waHeaders.

Am I loading something wrong? Is there any version to be consider more 

Thanks in advance,

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