[Seaside] SushiStore removed from Seaside

Robert Hawley rhawley at plymouth.ac.uk
Tue Nov 20 22:44:48 UTC 2007

Hi Philippe

When you say 'certainly not' do you actually mean something like 'certainly
not in its current form'? While you might not like the style, the general
topic is good as an example.

While the simpler examples currently on the seaside web site are great for
initial demonstration, something with a shopping cart in it is more
convincing.  Having an appliation like that in the package also provides a
good template for learners.

Whether I am to be the one to the Sushi example it is yet to be seen. It
would be good if someone would do it (or something like it) - possibly to be
included in the seaside web site.



> There is lots of mention and documentation about the sushi store on the
> internet - yet when you persue it, a google search mainly recovers
> irrelevant bits and pieces to do with Magma.
> Add this to the confusions that arise through the shift to 2.8 and this
> inconsistency on the web is not too good.
> Given that the sushi example has been so well documented

The opposite is the case

> and was
> consistently incorportated into earlier seaside versions,

The opposite is the case

> it would be good
> to have that consistency continue and so have it available within the
> current seaside examples

No, see above

> and as a download.


> There was some distaste for the example because it was from an earlier
> version and did not fit with current practice - however, that would provide
> justification for a rework in order to make the new practices clearer.

So you voluteer?

> Has anyone done an updated version


> - and if so, can it please be included in
> the seaside examples?

It might make as a standalone package but certainly not in the Seaside
Kernel package.


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