[Seaside] SushiStore removed from Seaside

Robert Hawley rhawley at plymouth.ac.uk
Thu Nov 22 02:16:18 UTC 2007

Hi Ramon

Your point is reasonable and makes sense - but I don't know if that was what
was being argued.

However, I would counter your (reasonable) point. It makes also good sense
to put a good example of the use of Seaside within the core for the benefit
of learners.  There are demo examples in the current image, but these do not
provide a good template for learners to work from.

However irritating the Sushi example was to the gurus, it did provide a
common base for discussion. Even more importantly, its 'go' method
demonstrated the simple elegance of Seaside very well. Take that away and
you've taken away my sales-pitch!

Not everyone is a guru. Learners stand the best chance of taking to Seaside
if there is helpful code close at hand.




Phillippe is right, examples might be nice, but they have no place in the
core framework.  The examples are, and should be maintained as separate
loadable applications.

Ramon Leon

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