[Seaside] WAKomEncoded vs WAKomEncoded39

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Fri Nov 23 08:16:58 UTC 2007


(could you possibly turn off base64 encoding in your emails?)

> You wrote:
The confusion comes from the fact that Kom has not not been maintained
for years and even
> simple patches for fixes that we wrote ourselves (2
methods) were not integrated. Hence we had
> to hack around Kom bugs and
hence WAKomEncoded39. I won't repeat the story of 
> #unescapePercents
here again. I told it many times on this list and even to you
personally since
> you were the maintainer of Kom. The latest Kom
finally includes our patches and WAKomEncoded
> is not needed anymore.
This only applies to Squeak 3.9. On Squeak 3.8 the whole story is
> This is really a Kom issue of and not a Seaside issue.

> Cheers

Ok, I am sorry for the maintenance issues with Kom - there are lots of
things "flying by" and I know you mailed me on at least one occasion,
but there has also been quite a bit of confusion around where the repo
for Kom is supposed to be at etc.

I think both you and Samir (?) created repos in SS and started
integrating stuff there, but I have also not heard anyone asking me to
make a new SM release after that - so the SM entry has indeed not been
updated, nor have anyone of you asked to be a co-maintainer of the SM
package (I think).

Then Giovanni asked me if he could be - and I of course said yes and
made him. And then he made some maintenance and did a release - simple
as that. I think/hope he picked up all the balls laying around - and if
not I might have some time to help (now finally). And now the repo is at
SS btw, under the "proper" name :), which is good.

I am sorry about these patches slipping my mind, but I haven't
experienced that people are really "banging on my door" for an SM

So from now on - just make snapshots directly to SS and bring them to
our attention (me or Giovanni) and we will make sure there are SM
releases made. Sounds fine?

regards, Göran

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