[Seaside] WAKomEncoded vs WAKomEncoded39

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Fri Nov 23 10:14:08 UTC 2007

Il giorno ven, 23/11/2007 alle 10.16 +0200, goran at krampe.se ha scritto:

> Then Giovanni asked me if he could be - and I of course said yes and
> made him. And then he made some maintenance and did a release - simple
> as that. I think/hope he picked up all the balls laying around - and if
> not I might have some time to help (now finally). And now the repo is at
> SS btw, under the "proper" name :), which is good.

Yes, I have examined and integrated all the patches and forks that I
could find. If there are any more forks please point me to them and I'll
take a look at them.

> I am sorry about these patches slipping my mind, but I haven't
> experienced that people are really "banging on my door" for an SM
> release.
> So from now on - just make snapshots directly to SS and bring them to
> our attention (me or Giovanni) and we will make sure there are SM
> releases made. Sounds fine?

When you do that please make sure to open a new KomHttpServer bug in
bugs.squeak.org, too. This way we'll have a permanent record of all the
modifications to Kom.



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