[Seaside] IE not refreshing ?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sun Nov 25 20:52:56 UTC 2007


	you may also take a look to this to see if it gives you ideas to
achieve your intention:

renderContentOn: html

	html div
		id: #blahInputContainer;
		with:[self renderBlahInputOn: html]

renderInputOn: html

	html textInput
		id: #blahInput
		onChange: (html updater
				id: #blahInputContainer;
				callback:[:val| self enteredBlahValue: val] 
				value:(html element 
						id: #blahInput;
				callback:[:h| self renderBlahInputOn: html];

	note that the updater is called on the div id but it renders only
it's inner html content to prevent nesting it indefinitely,



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> Hi all,
> I've been playing with seaside and scriptaculous for some 
> time now, happily developing with firefox. Yesterday decided 
> to try my page on IE and found out that it has some different 
> behaviour for updating content.
> For example, I have a root task that implements the following #go
> self call: WAMyComponent new
> My component have some input text, that after entering some 
> values and call #answer:, they don't get blanked (They does 
> on firefox).
> Same thing with updating forms. The following method does 
> rerender the textInput in firefox, and it just ignores it in IE:
> renderFormOn: html
> 	html form
> 		id: 'form';
> 		with: [
> 			html textInput
> 				on: #val of: self;
> 				onChange: (
> 					html updater
> 						id: 'form';
> 						triggerForm: 'form';
> 						callback: [ 
> :object | self renderFormOn: object ] ) ]
> Assume that #val: does something like val := anObject 
> asNumber min: 10 so you can test entering 20 and seeing it 
> change to 10 on unfocusing.
> The updater callback gets evaluated, but the browser just 
> refuse to re render it.
> Any ideas of what I'm missing here ?
> Thanks for reading.
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