[Seaside] Re: Best data structure for...

Ernst ernst at hisplace.net
Mon Nov 26 09:00:11 UTC 2007

One option would be to use a dictionary per key. Then use the observer design 
pattern for keeping them consistent.
But maybe your OODB offers already a solution?
> chunsj at embian.com chunsj at embian.com
>  Mon Nov 26 01:22:30 UTC 2007
> Hi,
> my data class has following attributes;
> title
> content
> creation date
> modified date
> type
> and except content, the collection of
> elements of this data shlould be indexed; that is,
> title, creation/modified date and type be key.
> If single key is required, then dictionary will be my choice(or
> should I use tree?). What is the best data structure for multiple
> keyed data? This question has been one of my hurddle to the
> OODB; if like now, sql db will be used, I know how to handle this.
> Thanks in advance.

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