[Seaside] Re: Safari on MAC OS-10 Panther

Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
Tue Nov 27 03:13:21 UTC 2007


	The problem is with the new Safari (3.0.x) , the redirects done on a  
post in Seaside and the visualworks.pl relay. I don't know how to to  
fix the relay to make it work.  I stopped using the relay and  
ipWebListener and use the Apache reverse proxy with TinyHttpWebSever.  
I posted the settings (which I got from Boris) about a week ago. The  
settings I posted must be tweeked a little for Apache 1.x.

Since the latest update to Mac OS 10.4 includes Safari 3.0.x more  
people are likely to start having this problem accessing Seaside apps  
that are using the visualworks.pl relay

> Roger,
> Thank you, I will look for your other post.
> I use Apache (httpd 2.2.4-2.1.fc6) to provide https protection.
> On Apache I use URL rewriting and the visualworks.pl relay to  
> forward requests
> to the VisualWorks IpWebListener .
> Other software:
> Linux Fedora Core 6
> VisualWorks 7.5 nc
> WebToolkit 7.5
> Seaside 2.8
> I have read in another post that the Seaside global settings need  
> to be set to
> protocol https and port 443. But I tried without seeing a  
> difference; anyway I
> believe that in my setup Seaside is not aware of Apache.
> Regards
> Ernst
>> Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
>>  Mon Nov 26 13:18:21 UTC 2007
>> I had the same problem when the server was behind apache. Are you
>> using Squeak or VW? Are you behind apache? If apache and VW I can  
>> send
>> apache settings that solve the problem. If you are using apache 2 I
>> posted the settings earlier.
>> Roger whitney
>> Via iPhone
>> On Nov 26, 2007, at 12:09 AM, Ernst <ernst at hisplace.net> wrote:
>>> It seems that my Seaside site cannot be accessed from a MAC with the
>>> Safari
>>> browser.
>>> The first dialog for login displays ok. Login is ok; but then the
>>> following
>>> page does not get displayed !
>>> It works for Firefox on MAC and on all other platforms I have tried.
>>> Regards
>>> Ernst
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