[Seaside] Re: weblocks?

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 27 18:26:55 UTC 2007

"Philippe Marschall" <philippe.marschall at gmail.com> wrote in message
> The offered constructs seem awfully familiar. The AJAX integration
> seems tighter though.

And it seems to do some very convenient automatic updating of changed 
components (widgets) ... all under AJAX:
" ... Every time a value of any slot of the widget changes, Weblocks detects 
the change using a hook in MOP and marks the widget as dirty (it is of 
course possible to turn this behavior off for some slots). Once the action 
is fully evaluated, Weblocks sends a list of dirty widgets back to the 
client, and each dirty widget is updated on the browser via JavaScript. 
Since the 'Modify' action changes the state of the dataform widget, the 
dataform is marked by Weblocks as dirty and the newly rendered version is 
sent to the client." 

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