[Seaside] Truly Opaque URLs

Jimmie Houchin j.squeak at cyberhaus.us
Fri Nov 30 18:27:46 UTC 2007

Boris Popov wrote:
> Jimmie,
> Okay, no flames is good. I think the easiest way you can get traction on
> this list is by modding Seaside to do what you have in mind. It's a lot
> easier to poll people when we're comparing two equally workable proven
> solutions, no?

Oh absolutely. I would love to, but as of yet, my Seaside Mojo isn't
there yet. :)

I don't know enough of the guts or mechanics of Seaside to know if this
achievable yet or not. So I simply threw out the idea.

When said experience is available to me, I look into it. :)

Until then, or until someone who is able and likes the idea...

To me, not all of the good ideas come to the guys with the skills.
Sometimes the guys with the skills are sorry with ideas and thus we have
sorry software (inferior). Sometimes the great ideas come to those who
have no ability to implement them. I am not saying this is such, even
though I do like it. :)

I would however like to see this community be open to ideas from guys
who aren't able to implement them. Or else we will run the risk of
stifling creativity. If we truly want to operate as a community instead
of a group of isolated hackers who just happen to be on the same road
and occasionaly happen to benefit one another, then we have to enable
and encourage all parts of the community to do what they are able. To
contribute where they can.

Sometimes the idea person has a nutty idea. That's ok. Toss them out.
But encourage the discussion and at some point something brilliant may



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