[Seaside] URL Manipulation

Sylvain Pralon sylvain.pralon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 18:49:59 UTC 2007


I am currently wondering how can I manipulate urls generated by Seaside.
In my application I have several components which can be displayed in the
main interface.
In some of them I create some anchors.
First I want to konw how can I add some parameters in this url ?
Second, when the link is clicked, how can browse the parameters in my
current url in order
to take some decisions depending on their values ?

For example, imagine a "cloud tag" where each tag is an anchor which should
recall another component which could be a kind of research component.

>From the Seaside FAQ, I read some stuffs about that. It seems that this
parameters is stored in the session variable but I have to recognize that I
need some more explanations...

Thanks in advance.

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