[Seaside] Updating to a newer version of seaside (VW)

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Mon Oct 1 07:48:44 UTC 2007

> Currently i've loaded 2.8(466) version of 
> SeasideForWebToolkit. Now i want to upgrade it to 2.8(488) 
> because the old one missed some SeasidePlatformSupport 
> methods. What is the safest way to it? I don't want to create 
> a new image. I want to replace seaside with a newer one version.
> VisualWorks 7.5

Hi Oleg,
Loading SeasideForWebToolkit 2.8(488) on top of 2.8(466)
should work. Now, if you're asking, I guess that you've
tried that already. Did you get some unexpected symptom?

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