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Rajeev Lochan lochan94 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 07:47:55 UTC 2007

Dear All,
I am interested in hosting an Innovative Web App, which is some sort of
Social Networking Site(Dynamic). I am almost done with the image now and
looking for Hosts. I already have an account with www.webfaction.com . They
offer hosting for Plone, Jhoomla, RoR, etc. I requested them to have Seaside
as well in their technologies offered list and the below were the
Conversation we had over mail.

Mail from WebFaction Team "

I just spent roughly twenty minutes searching Google for information
Seaside and it's requirements and I found very little information on
subject. It looks like we might be able to support Seaside through
VisualWorks now but the documentation link on the VisualWorks website
links to a non existent PDF.

If you can tell us more about Seaside, such as:

Its ideal production environment.
Its requirements. (Memory, CPU, etcetera.)

We'll look into it. :)


-David Sissitka "

My Reply to them "
Dear David and Team,
I agree that as of now, it is quite difficult to search for resources on
Seaside. I shall help you to a certain extent on where you can find details
about hosting Seaside.

There is a blog by one Ramon Leon http://onsmalltalk.com He has blogged a
lot on Seaside. Some specific blogs related to hosting are :







You may find more of it there.

The above list is some of the things I thought would be helpful to you.
Squeak (a dialect of Smalltalk) www.squeak.org is an Open Source Project and
is for free whereas VisualWorks SmallTalk has licensed and free versions.
The people at seasidehosting.st are only giving hosting services for Squeak
images and not for VisualWorks.

There is also a blog which compares Seaside and RoR.

As of now, the only players into Seaside hosting(AFAIK) are

a)www.seasidehosting.st (A free hosting place for non-commercial web apps of
seaside)- sponsored by netstyle.ch and ESUG (European Smalltalk User Group)

b)netstyle.ch (Situated in Switzerland, its a startup by some of the members
of core-development team of Seaside and Squeak)

c)www.seasideparasol.com (Canada., not entertaining new clients and the
resources offered looks very low as demanded by Seaside)

Rajeev Lochan "

I am awaiting for their reply. In the meanwhile, I would be happy if Ramon
or others can blog/write about Seaside Hosting, keeping Webhosts such as
webfaction in mind.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajeev Lochan

Co-founder, AR-CAD.com

+919243468076 (Bangalore)
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