[Seaside] Changing object class

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Wed Oct 3 12:24:25 UTC 2007

Smalltalkish how we function so..

First of all it's really rare to have a real need of changing one object in
place of another so I'll convice myself about other simpler options like

Do you need to preserve identity of the objects or data is enough?

If data is enough you can make:


		^ OtherThing fromSomeThing: self

	OtherThing class>>fromSomeThing: aSomeThing

		^ self new
			prop1: aSomeThing prop1;
			prop2: aSomeThing prop2;

	that is enough?

Sebastian Sastre
PS: if identity is a must then you should investigate the #become: message

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> Hello Guys!
> Following question (maybe its a little bit "smalltalkish"):
> I have an object - an instance of RowNumeric class. I also 
> have 2 classes derived from this class. Can i change instance 
> class from one derived to another without touching instance variables.
> So i have RowNumeric with all needed variables. And now i 
> want to convert some numeric rows to total ones.
> Cheers, Oleg
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