[Seaside] Changing object class

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Oct 3 13:04:31 UTC 2007

There is #as: which copies all instance variables of the same name as  
well as indexed variables to a new class. So you could say

numericRow := RowNumeric new.
totalRow := numericRow as: RowTotal.

As Sebastian wrote, this does not change the identity, you will have  
both the numericRow and totalRow objects afterwards.

Instead, you could really change the original row's identity:

row := RowNumeric new.
row becomeForward: (row as: RowTotal).

And as others have noted the need for doing this is a sign of bad  
design. Sometimes It's handy to be able to do this nonetheless ;)

- Bert -

On Oct 3, 2007, at 14:24 , Sebastian Sastre wrote:

> Smalltalkish how we function so..
> First of all it's really rare to have a real need of changing one  
> object in
> place of another so I'll convice myself about other simpler options  
> like
> instantiation.
> Do you need to preserve identity of the objects or data is enough?
> If data is enough you can make:
> 	SomeThing>>asOtherThing
> 		^ OtherThing fromSomeThing: self
> 	OtherThing class>>fromSomeThing: aSomeThing
> 		^ self new
> 			prop1: aSomeThing prop1;
> 			prop2: aSomeThing prop2;
> 			...
> 			yourself
> 	that is enough?
> Sebastian Sastre
> PS: if identity is a must then you should investigate the #become:  
> message
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>> Hello Guys!
>> Following question (maybe its a little bit "smalltalkish"):
>> I have an object - an instance of RowNumeric class. I also
>> have 2 classes derived from this class. Can i change instance
>> class from one derived to another without touching instance  
>> variables.
>> So i have RowNumeric with all needed variables. And now i
>> want to convert some numeric rows to total ones.
>> Cheers, Oleg

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