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Rajeev Lochan lochan94 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 17:17:06 UTC 2007

Thanks Jimmie for voting for Seaside Inclusion on Webfaction. It is indeed
possible to upload Seaside (AFAIK) on webfaction as a Custom Application
Listening to a Port) and make Seaside Image to listen to a port. It would be
good enough for a simple application.

Since I am expecting my application to be some sort of Social Networking
Site, it shall probably need much more pampering than a single image. I am
exploring other opportunities here.

As you mentioned, if webhosts can support Plone/Zope, they shall be having
enough room for Seaside/Pier . The seaside community should also look in
this direction. We should also have some provision to keep saving the images
now and then.


On 10/3/07, Jimmie Houchin <j.squeak at cyberhaus.us> wrote:
> I use Webfaction as my hosting provider currently. I have gotten good
> service from them. But as of yet I have deployed any website on their
> system.
> I will put in a vote with them for Squeak/Seaside/Pier support.
> (While paused in the writing of this email, I just went in and wrote an
> email to them requesting support. :)
> I had been planning on hopefully deploying a Seaside image on Webfaction
> at some point in the future.
> I don't know that one necessarily needs explicit support from Webfaction
> for Seaside other than them pointing the correct ports to the image you
> have running. But support would be nice.
> This is an area where I think that Squeak/Seaside/Pier can start to move
> into the Zope/Plone area. When Seaside/Pier start approaching a modest
> out-of-the-box experience when compared to Zope/Plone, then I think it
> will be a good sell to hosting providers. The memory footprint for
> Seaside/Pier is much nicer than Zope/Plone.
> To use Plone on Webfaction I have to bump my plan up to the 120mb memory
> plan. I think we can in the future do Pier on the 40mb plan, and should
> be able to on the 80 now. Of course all this depends on the website
> deployed and its data in the image.
> For now I think it would be nice if we could provide a quality, cleaned
> up download and deploy image for Squeak/Seaside/Pier. Possibly one that
> could be started up by the hosting provider in their web gui admin setup
> and you upload and/or point the image too your Monticello repository to
> load your website. And your off and running.
> I would love over time to have a lean deployment image and a rich
> development image. Allowing Monticello to be the bridge between them.
> I don't know that we will ever compete in the PHP type of hosting
> services. But I believe that we can improve our story and compete well
> with the Django, Rails, Zope/Plone, arena of hosting services.
> Jimmie
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