[Seaside] How to create a new browser window

Richard K Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Thu Oct 4 20:16:40 UTC 2007

I am aware of popupAnchor but that's not exactly what I want to do. From 
within WATableReport, I don't have a html object and, at any rate, I don't 
want the user to have to click on an additional button or anchor. Clicking 
on the clickBlock of WATableReport should be enough to throw up a new 
browser window immediately.


2007/10/4, Richard K Eng <richard.eng at rogers.com>:
> I was wondering: how can I create a new browser window from within a 
> Seaside
> app?
> Right now, I have this method,
> view: item
>         WARenderLoop new call: (GSViewer new path: item path; yourself)
> that brings up a new webpage, but I'd like to open it up in a new browser
> window instead. (FYI, #view: is invoked by clicking on a clickBlock in a
> WATableReport.)

html popupAnchor
    callback: [ self view: item ];
    with: ....


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