[Seaside] Nested div rendering question

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Fri Oct 5 16:18:27 UTC 2007

> Alright, I have used firebug to look at the differences 
> between these two methods of updating, the one that works:

> This is the response in Firebug for the one that DOES NOT 
> work: All the div elements are there, but the form elements 
> are hidden and don't have their normal javascript attached to them.

OK, at least you have an idea now of what's not working.  My attempts to
recreate this utterly fail, but I'm using pure Seaside, I wonder if
ShoreComponents isn't getting tricky and messing up the response here.  Try
changing the updated components to render something else and see if you can
get Seaside to misbehave by itself, I can't seem to.

This doesn't help me help you much, because I can't run your example.  You
need to create this as a test case that you can file out that someone could
file in and debug.  I'll start you off, attached is my test case, adjust it
to make it fail and send it back.

Ramon Leon
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