[Seaside] Monticello Browser in Web Browser

Jimmie Houchin j.squeak at cyberhaus.us
Sat Oct 6 21:44:39 UTC 2007

Seaside has System Browser windows and coding available to web browsers.
Has anybody implemented similar for Monticello Browser?

It seems to me that in an effort to build a hosting provider friendly 
Squeak/Seaside/Pier image, that it would be nice to have a very small 
and minimal image that is aimed at deployment without a GUI. A headless 
image for deployed Seaside apps aimed at hosts and users who will not or 
cannot use VNC or such to handle Squeak graphically over a network.

With the System Browser available in Seaside you can do some coding as 
necessary or desired.

If we also had a similar style Monticello Browser, then one could 
develop locally and easily open up the Monticello Browser, navigate to 
their repository, load, update, merge or whatever their code into the 
hosted image.

Does this sound like a reasonable idea?

I have been in contact with my personal web hosting service, Webfaction 
about hosting Squeak/Seaside/Pier. It would be nice to be able to offer 
them an out of the box image for deployment that can offer the above. 
Possibly based on Pavel's kernel image. But when I look at Pavel's 
kernel image I'm lost. :)

If we could do that then I think we could be in contention in the 
hosting services. My lowend hosting plan allows for 40mb of ram usage.

I would think that a Kernel image with Squeak/Seaside/Pier could 
comfortably hold a small but nice web app in that memory? Or at worst in 
the case of Webfaction bump up to the next level of 80mb ram, which is 
what is required for any kind of Zope site. Plone requires the 120mb plan.

Just wanted to toss that out there see what y'all thought.

If nobody has done so already. I might give Monticello Browser a shot 
when I am fully up to speed on Seaside/Pier development. But currently 
I'm not sure what it would take to do so. I naively wouldn't think it 
would take to much. And it seemingly would nicely enable a lean, 
headless, but comfortable deployment strategy.



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