[Seaside] SULibrary and File Serving

Richard Eng richard.eng at rogers.com
Mon Oct 8 14:56:20 UTC 2007

If you're talking about Seaside 2.8 beta dev image, I didn't check the
Apache logs. But the generated pages looked fine. The URLs, on the other
hand, were totally screwy...

Normally, the URLs would have the same IP prefix, eg,

But with the beta dev image, when I navigate after the initial home page to
other pages in my app, I would get a URL like:


...which is what would be used if I were running the web app *locally*. Thi=
caused problems because locally the app is unable to access the stylesheets
and static image files served up by Apache.

When I fell back to the last stable dev image (Seaside 2.7, dated August),
the problem went away...the IP prefix was again the same as for the initial
home page (ie,


> > First, I=A9=F6m no longer using Seaside 2.8. Damien=A9=F6s beta dev image seems=
 to be
> > broken because I can=A9=F6t get it to work on Linux (it works just fine loc=
> > on my Vista machine, however).

The web images contain incompatible versions of
Seaside/Scriptaculous/Magritte/Pier. There should be problems no
matter what platform you use.

> It works for me on ubuntu without any problem...

I never had such problems on Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo.

As I already noted several times in the list I would avoid the use of
ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives. It might work, but at least
for me it is totally unclear what is going on in what order. I just
use plain rewrite rules.

Next, did you enable the directive ProxyPreserveHost xor did you
specify the correct absolute URLs in the Seaside config?

What do the Apache logs say? access_log, error_log, rewrite_log?

How do the generated pages look like? Are the URLs ok?


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