[Seaside] Squeak + Seaside questions

Alexandre Paes alex.paes at streetdogstudio.com
Mon Oct 8 17:03:38 UTC 2007

Hi seasiders,

I've been developing on seaside but only as a hobby, i'm really having 
fun programming for the web, which hadn't happened to me for a long time 

Right now i've been asked to work on some project and i feel really 
tempted to develop this in seaside, but i still have some questions and 
could use some help to decide if squeak + seaside is actually an option. 
Some of my doubts are:

1) I believe squeak + seaside only serves one request at a time, is this 
right? If so, how will an application that is to serve 1-10 users 
simultaneously behave in terms of performance?

2) Is it possible to have the application seamlessly deployed together 
with Apache 1.3.37? All the documents i've found rely on stuff that 
apparently are only available on Apache 2.x. (If someone could provide 
some tips i'd be thankful)

3) How is squeak + seaside in terms of scalability, is it possible to 
add multiple applications running on the same VM and have them not 
colliding with each other? (Continuations still make my head dizzy, 
that's why i ask this)

I know some of these might be really easy/dumb questions, but these come 
to mind as a newbie on seaside at this moment when i need to assure if 
seaside is really an option for this project. Thanks in advance to 
anyone for the patience and help.

Best regards,

Alexandre Paes

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