Re: [Seaside] follouw-up book Stéfane Ducasse / squeak / object-oriented programming.

barry10 barry_davis10 at
Mon Oct 8 17:53:13 UTC 2007

For everybody's notice, i have contacted Mr. Ducasse.

The good news Mr. Ducasse is hopefull there will be a follow-up if he haves
the time to finish it.
Thats really great news, because his previous book was so great.

There is also a book called Squeak by Example co-written by Mr. Ducasse, but
this book is more focused on the Smalltalk envirement called Squeak, then
it's about object oriented programming. 


barry10 wrote:
> hi
> With the introduction of the book "Squeak, Learn Programming With Robots"
> there was talk about a follow-
> up book about Object-oriented programming:
> The present book teaches elementary programming concepts, the following
> book will introduce a new fun environment and teach object-oriented
> programming. 
> Does anybody know more about this follow-up book? Title / other info?
> I figured out learning smalltalk would be key to master Seaside and
> Squeak, Learning Programming With Robots is such a nice book!
> Barry

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