[Seaside] Question about access to a shared object

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 05:47:23 UTC 2007

2007/10/10, Jason Johnson <jbjohns at libsource.com>:
> Hello all,
> I am making several web sites, which all have their own way to present
> underlying objects.  So something like (in a concise format, something
> like python):
> Class RealUnit:
>   quantity
> Class MySite:
>   myItems
> Class SiteUnit:
>   realUnit
> So sites all have a collection of site units, and site units are
> one-to-one with real units, they simply present a different perspective
> of that same unit.  SiteUnit is just a presentation, it has no quantity,
> only real units do.  So my question is, if two sites try to decrease the
> quantity of the underlying real unit does that have to be protected by a
> mutex or something?

Sure. Have a look at the latest patches from Andres. These put
semaphores in a "semms to work" state.

> I would expect so, but perhaps Seaside already protects access to all
> object access somehow?

How would Seaside know about your objects? Seaside only knows about
its own objects.


> Thanks,
> Jason
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