[Seaside] Question about access to a shared object

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Wed Oct 10 18:22:53 UTC 2007

Ron Teitelbaum wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> Be sure to look at SharedQueue.  You can have seaside put an update request
> into the queue and then have a separate process pull from that queue and
> update your objects.  This will open a bit of a window for stale data, but
> if your application has a low threshold requiring data accuracy this is a
> good way to go.

Ok, I'll have to look at that.  At that point, I would be conceptually a 
bit like an Erlang process.

> This actually gets easier if you add a DB.  You can have a process pulling
> from a queue table, to update your object, and then you can easily support
> multiple running images.  But once again you have a stale data issue.

This is also a good idea.  Anyone know how heavy magma is?  I think an 
OODB would be the least impacting thing to use here, and is probably a 
good idea anyway since I'll need persistence.
> If you must have an accurate answer then you need to lock the shared objects
> for read and write. (or handle exceptions on write if value changes)
> Happy Coding,
> Ron Teitelbaum
> President / Principal Software Engineer
> US Medical Record Specialists

Ugh, there must be another way to achieve accuracy.

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