[Seaside] Drag and drop between two select's?

Alejandro Martínez alemartinez2112 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 06:16:12 UTC 2007

Hi all. this is my problem:
* I want to be able to drag and drop items boths sides of two <select>
lists, and if possible, both to be sorted.
* I've seen examples using simple xhtml lists (#unorderedList), but not
using xhtml <select> with <option>'s as items. AFAIK, the difference is
using a list you're in control of the rendering of an item (see
#renderInventoryOn: or #renderListItems: On: ) but using a select, how do I
specify the #passenger: for each <option>?
* Don't know if makes any difference, but right now I'm filling the select's

My guess:

#renderDivAOn: html
    html div id: 'divA';
        with: [ html select
                    size: 10;
                    list: self itemListA;
                    script: ( html sortable
                                  constraint: false;
                                  dropOnEmpty: true;
                                  containment: #(divA divB);
                                  onUpdate: ( html updater ?????) );
                    on: #itemListA
                    of: self ]

the same for #renderDivBOn: html, and if #itemListA was:

    ^ Collection methodDictionary keys

now it's gonna to be something like?:

#itemListAOn: html
    ^ Collection methodDictionary keys
              collect: [: each | html option;
                                              passenger: each;
                                              with: [ each ] ]

Any idea?
(I'm using Scriptaculous-lr.216)

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