[Seaside] popupAnchor not working on IE 6

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 08:45:36 UTC 2007

> popupAnchor doesn't seem to work on IE 6.0.2900. I tried the following code.
> When we click on anchor, we are rendered with a popup browser with counter
> example, but the main page also renders a counter example. Anyone else has
> also observed this ??

You need to provide more information: I tried to reproduce your
problem with the included test case WAPopupTest. I cannot reproduce
the problem on IE 6.0.2800.1106 and IE 7.0.6000.16473.

> I tried with Damiens image of 2.7 and 2.8. I am at the verge of completion
> of a web app and had been testing with Firefox throughout. When recently I
> tried to test it on IE 6, to my horror, it is not working. Is there any
> workaround.

The web-images are known to be broken, because of incompatible
versions of Seaside and some of its dependents and dependencies. I
don't know if this affects the popups.


Lukas Renggli

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