[Seaside] Emailing out

Robert Hawley rhawley at plymouth.ac.uk
Sun Oct 14 12:59:43 UTC 2007


It's a blueyonder account - it requires smtp authentication when connected
to from other networks.

Is there a way of doing remote smtp authentication from within squeak?

I note too that seasidehosting.st does not allow use of 'random' ports -
although I don't know if there are any non-random ports (or if that is a

How do others get around this? I assume that they have to use a
non-authenticating server.



2007/10/12, Robert Hawley <rhawley at plymouth.ac.uk>:
> Using www.seasidehosting.st - how do I send out emails for authenticating
> users from seaside?  It works fine on my own machine smpting via my ISP but
> it blocks relayed emails when I run it on www.seasidehosting.

What smtp host do you use?


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