[Seaside] Using Flex with Seaside

Oleg Richards orichards at mail.ru
Mon Oct 15 09:06:36 UTC 2007

Hello Guys!

I've read a lot of discussions on this forum about embedding flash  
component into seaside application. Little summary:

- Embed SWL object into seaside application and send session key to  
it via FlashVars.
- Create callbacks, which will send information in XML format to this  

Now my question: How to create this callbacks. I know about method  
registerActionCallback, but i need to send some variables to this  
callback. For example i want following (JUST metacode):

get: aDataType dataForPeriod: aPeriod
   "1. get data of specific type for period from storage"
   "2. render it as XML"

How can i register such functions? How can i use them?

Most of all i want to create  httpservice object and use it to  
retrieve data from seaside application.

Cheers, Oleg

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