[Seaside] seaside.st dolphin installation documentation

Claus Kick claus_kick at web.de
Wed Oct 17 20:27:25 UTC 2007

Good evening Sebastian,

no, I will not sue you, my lawyer stated that it is not worth it ;)

Honestly, I do not know yet. I work for a company using Visual Smalltalk 
(and Java) and I use Dolphin (and VSE 2000) at home. I was thinking that 
perhaps I should develop something for Seaside with Dolphin and then beg 
my hoster to allow me to have VisualWorks (or Squeak, for that matter) 
on my account and serve  my own website that way.

I do not know how feasible that really is, but I am curious enough to 
find out :)

Cheers from cloudy Germany,


Sebastian Sastre wrote:
> Greetings Claus,
> 	don't sue me by being too skeptic but I'm curious about using
> Seaside in Dolphin. Dolphin is so good for developing Windows desktop apps,
> but web? what values it adds to a seaside app?
> 	I hope you find all the best experiences with Seaside,
> 	cheers
> Sebastian

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