[Seaside] Seaside BOF at OOPSLA

Victor vmgoldberg at verizon.net
Fri Oct 19 15:59:05 UTC 2007

Additionally, Seaside also works with other flavors of Smalltalk.  Also, 
Seaside made a name for itself independently of the environment in which 
it is deployed.  So, who knows, it may even attract more curious people 
than Squeak.

My 2 c.

Victor, brainstorming even though not traveling to Canada this time.


Roger Whitney wrote:
> Göran,
>     It never occurred to me that the Squeak BOF would be smallish. In 
> the past they have gone on for a long time. Had I known I would not have 
> suggested a separate BOF. That said I prefer not to cancel the Seaside 
> BOF in part because I have a hard time believing that the Squeak BOF 
> will not fill up and in part because once announced it can be hard to 
> make sure everyone hears about the cancelation. What do other people think?
> On Oct 19, 2007, at 2:44 AM, Göran Krampe wrote:
>> Hi Squeakers and Seasiders!
>>> Since I know that a number of people involved with Seaside will be at
>>> OOPSLA next week in Montreal I thought it would be interesting to
>>> have a Seaside BOF (Birds of a Feather Session). A few other people
>>> seemed interested. After looking at the OOPSLA schedule and the other
>>> related BOFs it looks the time with the least conflicts for a Seaside
>>> BOF is Wednesday October 24, 17:00. I have put it on the OOPSLA BOF
>>> wiki page (http://www.oopsla.org/wiki2007/index.php/
>>> Birds_of_a_Feather_Sessions).
>> Ok, I am starting to get worried that the Squeak BOF will be smallish 
>> this
>> year - we only have two presentations listed (me and Bert) and mine will
>> be quite improvised, so do we really need to split Squeak and Seaside 
>> BOF?
>> Last year we presented Seaside apps on the Squeak BOF and so on.
>> In any case I will be on both and might have something to show/talk about
>> on the Seaside BOF too - unless there are others around with more
>> interesting stuff of course. :)
>> regards, Göran
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