[Seaside] Unicode Mac Support

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 17:36:23 UTC 2007

2007/10/21, Oleg Richards <orichards at mail.ru>:
> Hello Guys!
> Currently i am making my project in Visual Works (in Parallels),

Hehe, not uncommon

> because i easily can input russian unicode characters. But i have
> future plans to publish  my application with gemstone/s. So i'm
> trying in my free time to translate code to squeak (i don'tuse VW
> specifics). But i come to problem:
> How to enable unicode support in squeak?
> 1. I need to input russian characters from keyboard into squeak
> 2. I need working unicode clipboard.
> 3. I'm working with Mac.

Am I correct to assume that you want to use russian literal strings?
If so there are some more things that you might want to check as well:
- filing in from VW to Squeak works
- filing in from Sueak to Gemstone works

You might also want to check the state of encoded server adapters on
VW and Gemstone and make sure they deal correctly with non-ascii
literal strings.


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