[Seaside] [ANN] Seaside for Swazoo 2 beta

Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
Tue Oct 23 00:51:55 UTC 2007

	It can be frustrating when people seem not to notice documentation.  
Since Seaside had little internal documentation for a long time  
people are not used to looking for it. Seaside needs more  
documentation. It will take sometime. As we get more documentation  
people will slowly notice it. Also Stephane's book will be a benefit  
for Seaside. It will be a useful source of documentation for people.  
Hope you don't get discouraged. You are doing a lot of work for  
Seaside. I appreciate what you are doing for the community.

On Oct 22, 2007, at 5:57 AM, Philippe Marschall wrote:

> See the documentation, either the class comment or the Universes
> entry. I must seriously reconsider writing documentation if nobody
> reads it anyway. Like this it's just wasted time.
> Cheers
> Philippe

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